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A unique project in Southern Punjab; MIRS aims to develop every client who is deficient and looking for significant improvement in his/her personal and professional life. We believe that everyone can be trained for quality output. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a great desire to bring social change and ambition to empower people for genuine improvements.


Institute is established in response to the increased demand for skill development in the region indicated by companies and expected by students and graduates. Our special focus is on clients that belongs to minorities and come from remote areas with little or no orientation to modern personal and professional attributes. We have worked with multiple educational institutions to develop partnerships and we continue to inspire others to join hand in our dedicated cause.

Expected Clients

We are dedicated to serve all types of clients from individuals to small, medium and larger enterprises; as we believe in highly personal yet quality experiences for our audience. We, however, have a strong emphasis on the development of students at large and business students in particular. We also aim to work for schools and undergraduate level students in small cities to develop their capacity to compete elsewhere.

Expertise Areas

A wide range of courses are offered in the areas of personal and professional development including: Soft Skills Training, Research Skills Training, Professional Skills Training, Social Change Training, Sports Training and many more. We also aim to provide academic support in select areas of Business Administration with the help of quality resources including PPTs, Articles, Videos and Case Studies.

Social Cause

Since our major objective is to help the deprived ones; our major objectives are based on quality support at affordable cost. We aim to offer contents and exercises that are generally expensive and beyond the reach of general audience. Our consultant trainers reflect on the values of social change and have a greater sense of volunteerism.

Expected Impact

We are absolutely keen to up lift the motivation and confidence of our clients and prepare them for the toughest competition at hand. We believe that our efforts could create a skilled workforce base that could prove to be quality knowledge resource for multiple industries. We have a strong commitment to work with students in their early academic years to develop them as a complete package that most of the companies are looking for.

Quality of Our Trainers

We have a dedicate team of trainers who bring a distinct flavor of their own in our training sessions. They are from very diversified areas of expertise yet are committed to deliver quality sessions in highly interactive settings. They have enough industry experience to guide our clients with practical scenarios and execute fun filled drills to enhance their learning capabilities.

Our Approach – “The MIRS Way”

MIRS aims to maintain its unique approach as compared to traditional commercial training institutes; we believe in one-on-one personalized training strategy during the training sessions. Our focus is to yield genuine outcomes in the shape of improved skills, better attitude, and enhanced professionalism among our clients. We are good at judging personal needs through our personal assessment tools and tailor our contents to meet our client’s needs.

We Believe in Long Term Relationships

Our events and sessions are not designed for short term impact, rather we wish to develop an ongoing relationship with our clients to provide them continuous support for long term development. We have a strong culture to co-create value with our clients and for that we have a strategy to understand your ultimate needs and continue our efforts throughout various stages of your career. You can easily have confidence in our services and expertise as we are highly concerned with your success – your success is our success.

Our Services

  • In Class training sessions for face-to-face learning
  • A wide range of courses to cater both personal and professional needs
  • Online courses in select areas to bridge skills gaps for remote clients
  • Online interactive resources for all types of clients to compliment skills needs
  • Corporate services in multiple business areas to support customized needs

Course Price

Rs 4000 - Rs 5000
/per course

Knowledge is power! and we make it Affordable

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Our Portfolio

Our Events

Training Workshop on Emotional Hygiene and Intelligence
November 19, 2019 5:45 pm
Institute of Management Sciences, BZU, Multan
Importance of Soft Skills
January 24, 2018 11:00 am
Layyah Campus, BZU
The Techno Seller
December 20, 2017 11:00 am
Institute of Management Sciences, BZU
Improving Formal Presentations
April 19, 2017 11:00 am
Institute of Management Sciences, BZU


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