All instructors

Sh Amir Rizwan

Sales Management, Soft Skills, Selling Skills

Having a practical exposure of Sales Operations and Management; Amir has trained many young students and fresh inductees from some of the best organizations like Tapal, Nestle, GSK, and Silk Bank. With his diversified experience and exposure with multinationals;  his mission to bring positive change within the organizations that allow teams to exceed their set goal with passion, transparency and honesty.

Nadir Magsi

Soft Skills, Marketing Management, Branding, Negotiation Skills

Serving as a Lecturer in Air University, training clients from diversified groups has been Nadir’s passion. He believes that skills deficiencies could be minimized with conscious and concentrated efforts during the sessions. At MIRS he has designed multiple courses around quality contents coupled with fun-filled interactive drills; sessions will develop clients in the areas of presentation skills, Motivation and negotiation skills

Omer Farooq

Soft Skills, Creativity, Marketing & Advertisement

PhD candidate at IMS and a permanent lecturer at Air University, Omer has worked in many forums and have provided services in the area of Marketing, Branding and Advertisements. At MIRS he has developed fun-filled interactive sessions on mastering the art of creativity and out of box thinking. Organizations are looking for graduates who could bring on surface workable innovative ideas and solutions and he personally believe that anyone could develop this amazing talent.

Hamid Najmi

Soft Skills, Team Management, Event Management

After completing his MS with distinction from IMS, BZU, he had a chance to work with LUMS as a event manager before returning back and serving as a visiting lecturer at multiple institutes. He is working with multiple training ventures and developing training programs in the area of soft skills, especially, Team management and Event Management

Huma Jamshaid

Soft Skills, Stress Management, Presentation Skills

PhD candidate at IMS, Huma has served as a visiting lecturer at IMS. Aiming at soft skills, Huma has worked on specific modules in the areas of professional and personal well being designed for all types of clients; the training sessions will enable clients to improve themselves in the specific areas and stress management, personality development and confidence

Ali Ahmed

Soft Skills, CV and Interview Skills, Emotional Intelligence

PhD candidate at UMT and specializing in career development training domain, Ali have targeted the area of CV writing and Interview skills; these tend to be the major sources for acquiring a purposeful job. He also has interest in the area of emotional intelligence and rank it as one of the top soft skills required to be successful in today’s world

Zeeshan Azmat Mir

Disaster Management

Before starting his career as a professional trainer, Zeeshan has worked with multiple disaster management projects with local and multinational organizations. He has implemented major projects in rural Punjab, Sindh and KPK and have designed customized sessions for students and general audience in the areas of disaster management and NGO management

Syed Asad Bukhari

Project Management

Deputy Diector (IT) at PIA, Asad have been training professionals in multiple areas of interest. He has great ability to conduct assertive sessions and specifically from a project management certification perspective, he has designed courses for learning and for acquiring certification. His competencies in this area include full preparation, case studies and systematic development. For MIRS he has also designed specific training sessions in the areas of Project Management and Brain Science