Beginner’s Golf

Sports Awareness Initiative (SAI)

Aims and Objectives

Golf is now one of the leading sports across the globe and is recognized as one of the most pleasurable recreational activity. It’s such an adaptable game that it suits everyone, whatever their age, fitness level or ability. Whether you want to keep healthy, burn calories or spend time with friends, golf is for youThis beginner training camp is a multipurpose program not only to guide upcoming golfers regarding the essence of the game but also to promote the game under our umbrella program “Sports Awareness Initiative (SAI)”

  • —Beginner Golf Program will provide 5 golfing sessions and final day on a Golf Course
  • Training session is designed for both male and female
  • —Instructions provided by top players and facilitated by Golf Club Member Farhan Mir (Assistant Professor IMS, BZU)
  • —Participants will get themselves registered for the activity and will be provided with playing equipment and learning handouts
  • —Every Participant will finally get a certificate for participation and golfing souvenirs

Training Details

—Lesson 1 – Intro to Golf / Orientation with equipment/ Handing of the reading material and Golfing Ethics

—Lesson 2 – Basic Grip, Intro to Golfing Swing – short drills with Golf ball hitting

—Lesson 3 – Golfing Rules and Drills with Irons

—Lesson 4 – Intro to Woods / Putting and Golfing Competition

—Lesson 5 – Advance Rules and Scoring system and Practice Sessions

—PLAY DAY – On course golf experience for students at golf Club.