Introduction To Computing


This is a dedicated web page for the standard course on Computer Concepts/Introduction to IT. The course is designed for MBA and BBA students with a focus on computer literacy, hands on experience to common productivity applications, managerial implications and issues. A 3 credit hours course designed for 30 lectures in 15 weeks, it takes the audience through a systematic journey in the field of Computers and Applications.


This unit aims to ensure that students acquire a managerial perspective on how information technologies are used in organizations. Students will develop the ability to integrate the use of information technology into day-to-day operations and to participate in alignment of latest technologies to support long-term business strategy. All managers require a working knowledge of computers and computer systems to ensure that IS and IT investments and business decisions are soundly based and of benefit to the organization. In addition, an understanding of the use of IT can be a major factor in improving organizational and personal productivity.  This course provides the participants with an understanding of ICT-based applications, relevant hardware and describing technical sub compositions of IT main themes and assessing technology environments. Learning will be accomplished through lectures, case studies, group presentation, and research.

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • Have a general understanding of the current state of IT
  • Beware of the desired IT and Business alignments
  • Be familiar with the state of the art research in the field of IT


Introduction to Information Technologies: Computer System Concepts, Definitions and Components, IT in the Modern Business Aspects, The Digital Firm, Digital Revolution, Future Trends and Recommendations

Power Point Slides

Complementary Videos

  1.  Future Vision of Information Technology & Our Life Style – YouTube


Information Technology Application (Internet & World Wide Web): History and Core of Internet, IP Address and DNS,  World Wide Web and Web Browsers, Types of Websites, Digital Media on the Web

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Types of Computers and Mobile Devices: Computer Types. Mainframe to Smart Phones, Servers, Handheld and Mobile Devices, Tablets, Smart Phones and Digital Cameras, Connecting with Devices, Health and Other Concerns with Devices

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Computer Programs and Apps: The World of Computer Application Software, General Purpose Software to Specific Applications, Media Authorization Software, Web Development Applications, Mobile Apps,

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Application Software: MS PowerPoint Presentation, Basic GUI, Basic Operations, Transitions, Animations, Working with Themes and Designs, Visual Elements with Smart Art & Screenshots, Practical Orientation

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Application Software: MS Excel, Basic GUI, Basic Operations, Major Areas, Working With Formulas, Working with Graphs and Charts, Understanding Functions, Practical Orientation

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Application Software: MS Word, Basic GUI, Basic Operations, Major Areas, Working With Insert Options, Working with Formatting Tools, Understanding Tables and Graphics Tools, Review and Collaboration, Practical Orientation

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Inside the Computers: CPU and Motherboard, Memory and Storage, Cache and Registers, Expansion Slots and Buses

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Selected Videos

Course Related Videos

Simple video demonstration on Information Systems

A Case Study Video on Wal-Mart’s Information System strengths and its association with information technologies

Example of a TPS – Tool to record employee’s work data

HP’s vision of seamless collaboration – video on HP “Halo”

Cloud Computing from a general user perspective – basic explanation to develop understanding on the concept

Pen PC – the future of handheld personal computers


Reference: All Videos are downloaded from Youtube for educational usage

Featured Instructor

Farhan Mir

Course Features

  • Systematic progression through the concepts of information technology and systems
  • Examples from top international firms and daily use
  • Local case studies and examples to contextualize the themes based on local situations
  • Practical assignments and activities to invoke learning
  • In class and online discussions to bring on surface key issues, controversies and hot debates

Assignments & Projects

This section is dedicated to the major assignments and projects in this course. The assignments and projects build up the important percentage of the assessment as the students are required to translate the learning from the course contents to practical scenarios and develop understanding on the managerial implications.

Assignment No 1 


Students will need to find specific examples of types of websites in each category discussed in the course and present a print out of home page of the selected example with proper labels at top.


  • Present your findings in a properly format using the formal assignment guidelines
  • Use standard formatting (12 Font for Text and 14 Font for Headings)
  • Deadline for assignment

Assignment No 2

Students will need to compile a presentation based on animations and transitions on a selected topic and submit the presentation for evaluation through email at instructor id

Major Projects

Case Study Presentations

A Group task, students need to demonstrate understanding on the evolutionary developments in a selected topic


  • Students need to develop a proper presentation using the guidelines
  • Eventually will present in front of the class or classes on Multimedia

Assignment Details

  • Students in groups of 5-7 will be assigned a hot topic
  • Students need to submit both Hard (Printed) and Soft copies (Computer files) of the presentation
  • This is day 1 so you can start working now!
  • I will myself present at least one presentation well before the presentation schedule so that you people have an idea:

Past Presentation Topics

  • Computer Hardware Technologies
  • Web 2.0 and Business Applications
  • Application Software
  • Operating Systems & Computer Architecture
  • Case Study Template & Sample Case Studies:

Due Date:

  • Submission of proposals in the first week right after the Mid term exams
  • Presentation will start in the 4th week after Mid term exams