Organizational Behavior


This is a dedicated web page for the standard course on Organizational Behavior. The course is designed for BBA/MBA students with a focus on managerial models, implications and issues. A 3 credit hours course designed for 30 lectures in 15 weeks, it takes the audience through a systematic journey in the field of OB.


This unit aims to ensure that students acquire a managerial perspective on how to manage organizational behaviors. Students will develop the ability to integrate the use of OB into day-to-day operations and to participate in the creation of harmonious organizational climate. All managers require a working knowledge of OB to ensure that they be able to handle challenges and issues at workplace. In addition, an understanding of the use of OB techniques can be a major factor in improving organizational and personal productivity.  This course provides the participants with an understanding of Management concepts, frameworks, and models for defining OB models,  managing complex team based organization business processes, and describing technical and conceptual compositions of OB. Learning will be accomplished through lectures, case studies, group presentation, and research.

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

Have a general understanding of the current state of Management
Beware of the desired approaches and Business challenges
Be familiar with the state of the art research in the field of OB


Course Requirements and Overview

Power Point Slides

Introduction to OB: Management: Managers, Organization, Functions, Skills and Universal Application, Importance of OB, Evidence Based Management, Challenges and issues surrounding modern firms, OB Model, Dependent and Independent Variables in OB Model

Power Point Slides

Challenges for OB: Diversity Management: Defining Diversity, Diversity Challenges in US, Demographic Differences, Differences in Abilities, EEO, Discrimination and US Legislation, Anti-Discrimination Movement, Diversity Management Strategies,  Cases in Diversity Management

Power Point Slides

Attitude an Job Satisfaction: Components of Attitude, Major Attitudes in Organization, Job Satisfaction, Drivers of Job Satisfaction, Causes of Job Dissatisfaction, Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction leading to Organizational Outcomes, Managerial Implications

Power Point Slides

Complementary Case Study on LG’s Engagement Efforts

LG Case Study

Individual Level Factors in OB: Emotions and Moods, Affect-Emotion-Moods Structure, Basic Level Emotions and Moods, Sources of Emotions and Moods, Emotional Intelligence, Myths and Scope of EI, OB Implications of Emotions and Moods, Managerial Challenges and Recommendations

Power Point Slides

Individual Level Factors in OB: Personality and Values, Personality, MBTI, Big Five Model, Role of Personality ii work related situations, Values, Values at Work, National Culture Differences

Power Point Slides

Motivation Concepts: What is Motivation, Traditional theories of Motivation, Contemporary theories of Motivation, Application of Motivation Theories at Work, Integrative Model of Motivation Theories

Power Point Slides

Motivation From Concepts to Application: JCM, Adjusting JCM to Motivate, Job Redesign Options, Job Rotation, Job Enrichment,

Power Point Slides

Groups and Teams: Group behavior, Differences between groups and teams, teams characteristics, group development stages, types of teams, Practical demonstration of Quire Team Software

Power Point Slides

Leadership: Importance of Leadership, Leadership Theories, Trait Vs Behavioral Theories, Situational and Contingency Theories, Charismatics and Transformational Leadership

Power Point Slides

Selected Videos

Employee Engagement

Introduction to Employee Engagement

Story of Employee Engagement 

Importance of Employee Engagement for Modern Organizations

Who is Sinking the Engagement Ship

Identifying ways to improve organizational overall engagement

Featured Instructor

Farhan Mir

Course Features

Systematic progression through the concepts of OB
Case study approach using scenarios and examples from top international firms
Local case studies and examples to contextualize the themes based on local situations
Practical assignments and activities to invoke learning
In class and online discussions to bring on surface key issues, controversies and hot debates

Assignments & Projects

This section is dedicated to the major assignments and projects in this course. The assignments and projects build up the important percentage of the assessment as the students are required to translate the learning from the course contents to practical scenarios and develop understanding on the managerial implications.

Assignment 1 – Managerial Dilemma

Criteria Sheet and Ideas

  • Individual Assignment
  • Requirements:

–Student will need to explore locally or internationally a managerial dilemma (Issue/Challenge) in the domain of OB

–Explore the Dilemma and Explain its dynamics

  • How it started or escalated?
  • How it is effecting various aspects of work/organization?
  • How the manager under discussion attempted to solve it/manage it?

–Critically Evaluate the actions and consequences

Ideas for Managerial Dilemma

  • Workforce Diversity
  • Conflicts at Work
  • Change Resistance
  • Low Morale
  • Absenteeism and Turnover
  • Power and Politics
  • Evolving HR Policies
  • Stress at Work
  • Unethical Practices
  • Lack of Leadership

Major Projects

Case Study Presentations

A Group task using the standard case study approach, students need to demonstrate understanding on the evolutionary developments in a selected organization


Students need to develop a proper case study using the case study development guidelines
Eventually will present their findings in the shape of a Presentation in front of the class or classes on Multimedia
Assignment Details

Students in groups of 8-9 will be assigned an organization (Preferably local organization)
Case should be developed on one of the topics of OB in the Selected Organization
Students need to submit both Hard (Printed) and Soft copies (Computer files) of the Case itself and that of the PowerPoint Presentation
This is day 1 so you can start working now!
I will myself present at least one Case Study well before the presentation schedule so that you people have an idea

Case Study Template & Sample Case Studies:

Case Study Presentation_Harley-Davidson Online

Due Date:

Submission of proposals in the first week right after the Mid term exams
Presentation will start in the 4th week after Mid term exams

Case Study Topics:

  • Post Acquisition Challenge: The Cultural Clash and Survival Toolkit
  • Blending Experience with Techno Generation: Coping with a Generational Gap at Workplace
  • Leadership in Crisis: Leading throughout Tragedy Phases – Reverting the Tides with Vision, Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Moves
  • Abrupt Change Management – Fast Changing Multinationals: Motivating Employees under Dynamic Work Environment
  • Changing Organizational Culture: Shifting from a Competing Model to a Cooperating Model – Transition to Teams