Seminars in HRM


This is a dedicated web page for the standard course on Seminars in Human Resource Management. The course is designed for MBA students with a focus on critically analyzing key trends and challenges in HRM with a focus on evaluating practical and research implications. A 3 credit hours course designed for 30 lectures in 15 weeks, it takes the audience through a systematic journey in the futuristic landscape of HRM.


This unit aims to ensure that students acquire a managerial and research perspective on how to manage people in the futuristic organizations. Students will develop the ability to evaluate how the field of human resource management is evolving and how the connected challenges might be addressed by HR professionals. All managers require a working knowledge of managing people through systematic activities to ensure that investments and business decisions revolving around people are soundly based and of benefit to the organization. In addition, an understanding of upcoming challenges might facilitate in improving HR and organizational performance. Learning will be accomplished through lectures, case studies, group presentation, and research.

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

Have a general understanding of the current state of HRM
Beware of the desired approaches and Business challenges
Be familiar with the state of the art research in the field of HRM


Introduction to Course Requirements and Methodology

Power Point Slides

Introduction to Seminars in HRM – Why these topics? – Trends and Challenges facing HRM – Evolution of HRM – Defining What is HRM

Power Point Slides

Related Readings

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Featured Instructor

Farhan Mir

Course Features

  • Systematic progression through the trends of HRM
  • Case study approach using scenarios and examples from top international firms
  • Local case studies and examples to contextualize the themes based on local situations
  • Practical assignments and activities to invoke learning
  • In class and online discussions to bring on surface key issues, controversies and hot debates

Assignments & Projects

This section is dedicated to the major assignments and projects in this course. The assignments and projects build up the important percentage of the assessment as the students are required to translate the learning from the course contents to practical scenarios and develop understanding on the managerial implications.


Will be listed after discussion with class

Major Projects

Case Study Presentations

A Group task using the standard case study approach, students need to demonstrate understanding on the evolutionary developments in a selected organization

Expected Topics (Themes) for case study presentations:

  • Cultivating Empathy in the Workplace
  • HR’s Role in Sustainability
  • Remote Workers and Workers’ Compensation
  • Employee Retention Strategies
  • Public-Sector HR: Resources & Learning
  • Virtual Onboarding
  • Stress Management and Employee Wellbeing
  • Fostering Psychological Safety
  • Women at Work: Overcoming Gender Bias