Strategic Management


This is a dedicated web page for the standard course on Strategic Management. The course is designed for BBA/MBA students with a focus on managerial models, implications and issues. A 3 credit hours course designed for 45 lectures in 15 weeks, it takes the audience through a systematic journey in the field of SM.


This unit aims to ensure that students acquire a managerial perspective on how to manage the organizations in the long run. Students will develop the ability to integrate the use of strategic management into day-to-day operations and to participate in the creation of long-term impact of organizational decision aligned with business strategy. All managers require a method of systematic activities to ensure that investments and business decisions revolving around strategies are soundly based and of benefit to the organization. In addition, an understanding of the use of strategies can be a major factor in improving organizational and personal productivity.  This course provides the participants with an understanding of SM concepts, frameworks, and models for defining business models,  managing complex activities, and describing technical and conceptual compositions of organizational management. Learning will be accomplished through lectures, case studies, group presentation, and research.

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

Have a general understanding of the current state of SM
Beware of the desired approaches and Business challenges
Be familiar with the state of the art research in the field of SM


SM Outside US: Internationalization and its impact of economies, Business Cultures across countries, Business Climate across countries

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Ethics, CSR, Governance and SM: Ethics and Business Ethics, EEO Laws, CSR and Stakeholders Relationship Theory, Corporate Governance and Sarbanes Oxley Act, Implications for SM

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Types of Strategies: Importance of Strategies, Types of Hierarchical Strategies, Corporate Strategies, SBU level Strategies, Pros and Cons of 11 basic Business Strategies

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Vision and Mission: Importance of Vision, Examples of Vision Statement, Impact of vision statement on employees and organizations, components of vision statement, product oriented vs customer oriented vision, relationship of vision and mission, mission statement examples, values and their contribution to vision and mission, Developing the mission statement

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Conducting the Internal Analysis: Why internal audit is needed, SWOT Model and corresponding strategies, RBV and importance of resources, Competences and Dynamic Capabilities, Value Chain Analysis, Internal Audit of Organizational Function (Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations, R & D and MIS), IFE Matrix

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Conducting the External Analysis: Why external audit is needed, SWOT Model and corresponding strategies, IO Perspective, Key External Factors (Economic, Political, Social and Cultural, Technological Demographic etc.), Porter’s Five Forces Model, External Factor Evaluation Matrix

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Featured Instructor

Farhan Mir

Course Features

Systematic progression through the concepts of SM
Case study approach using scenarios and examples from top international firms
Local case studies and examples to contextualize the themes based on local situations
Practical assignments and activities to invoke learning
In class and online discussions to bring on surface key issues, controversies and hot debates

Assignments & Projects

Major Projects

Case Study Presentations

A Group task using the standard case study approach, students need to demonstrate understanding on the evolutionary developments in a selected organization


Students need to develop a proper case study using the case study development guidelines

Case Study Presentation Guidelines

Eventually will present their findings in the shape of a Presentation in front of the class or classes on Multimedia
Assignment Details

Students in groups of 8-10 will be assigned an organization (Preferably local organization)
Case should be developed on one of the topics of Human Resource Management in the Selected Organization
Students need to submit both Hard (Printed) and Soft copies (Computer files) of the Case itself and that of the PowerPoint Presentation
This is day 1 so you can start working now!
I will myself present at least one Case Study well before the presentation schedule so that you people have an idea