Importance of Soft Skills

Key to Success in 21st Century Economy

Academic degrees are typically designed to provide grip on hard skills (technical skills) that are equally important, yet to survive in practical life you need to possess polished soft skills (human skills/ people skills). This introductory session is targeted at audience who have little awareness of the importance of these critical skills in personal and professional success. This introductory session aims to develop a realization among audience that a student and particularly a graduate needs to complement his hard skills with soft skills if he/she needs to gain immediate and long lasting success in career.

After this session the audience will be able to:

  • Have a general broad understanding on what are soft skills
  • Grab the importance of soft skills in current scenario
  • Identify key soft skills required for a graduate
  • Find ways to develop and polish top soft skills purposefully
  • Identify and explore resources for further development

Plus Package:

Have a mini workshop on Importance of Body Language in Communication Skills

Activities and Games:

Couple of activities are designed for audience revolving around self assessment and learning essential skills



Farhan Mir

Assistant Professor (IMS,BZU)

Lead Trainer (MIRS)