Graduate Studies Essential Skills

Vision and Objectives

If you have chosen or planning to chose Graduate Studies as a path to a career; you will opt a course of study that will stretch your knowledge and will challenge your ideas. The dilemma facing students in graduate degrees is that they have to perform in a vast array of subject areas i.e. from the fields of sciences, social sciences and research plus they also need to focus on judging practical implications. They have little or no orientation to cope with this challenge, especially, in their early semesters they find it hard to adapt to the challenging learning environment of graduate studies that require constant practical orientation, conceptualized approach, and diversified learning strategies. The graduate courses represents a blend of theoretical contents (frameworks, theories and models) and scenario building approach using practical examples and case studies that provide application of concepts and provide practical insights. To be successful in graduate studies there are certain skills that could enable any candidate to handle most of the learning and assessment methods and yield desirable outcomes in terms of better scores and purposeful repute. This training course will take every participant through a systematic route to the acquisition of these basic and advance graduate studies skills revolving around interactive drills, game playing and discussion sessions. Participants could chose from the following two modules designed for beginners to moderate/advance level audiences:

Course Outcomes

  • Students will be able to handle all sorts of assessment methods used in wide variety of courses
  • Develop analytical abilities beyond basic course contents and improve learning skills for business administration scenarios
  • Demonstrate an all round performance and improve their chances for better scores

GSES – Basic Module

The basic module on Graduate Studies Essential skills (GSES) is a four weeks course leading to the completion of basic module in Graduate studies survival skills comprising of 15 basic skills; specifically designed for beginners who have little or no orientation to business studies. Course is designed to develop a desirable attitude for business studies and equip the participants with specific skills in writing, presentation and computing. Fun filled exercises, close interaction group-based activities and practical tasks will provide a complete solution to the audience.

GSES – Advance Module

The advance module on Graduate Studies Skills is designed for instructors and students who wish to take a purposeful and professional path to any graduate program. The training sessions aim to polish the participants in skills that take their progress in graduate studies to higher level of achievement. Interesting contents and well designed activities will make your work on this course engaging and stimulating, and will equip you with the tools needed to do well in your future studies.