Sports Trainings

Aims and Objectives

This is a dedicated page for sports related training and it is time now we should strike a balance in life with a healthy mind and body. The training sessions are designed not only for the development of sports related skills but also to foster a sports oriented attitude. A true sportsman/sportswoman is likely to contribute to the welfare of society as he/she believes in sportsmanship and respect for others. Sports sessions designed at Mirs.Org are likely to generate leadership in sports management and initiate a strong purposeful culture of sports. We are dedicated to work specifically for the encouragement and development of female sports and strongly emphasize that a physically fir female could be a tremendous contributor in all aspects of life

Sports Awareness Initiative (SAI)

“Exercise and regain your spirits”
If you are considering entering into a sport activity or perhaps would like to be involved in athletic pursuits, take a look at some of the benefits of playing sports we promote at SAI. There are so many positives outside of simply learning to win a game which can greatly impact the quality of your life.