Huma Jamshaid

Postal Address:

PO Box 60700 Institute of Management Sciences, BZU, Multan, Pakistan







About Huma Jamshaid

Visiting lecturer at Institute of Management Sciences BZU Pakistan and a graduate of IMS, Multan (Pakistan), Huma has started her career in the education industry and has a distinctive reputation as a thorough professional and researcher.

Currently pursuing her PhD from Institute of Management Sciences, BZU, Pakistan, her research interests include Sustainability, Services Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management

She is a dedicated soul and is known for her presentation and communication skills. She adds a distinctive flavor to our team with her motivation and confidence and has a positive energy to make significant change in her audience.

Her training interest include: Soft Skills, Motivation, and Stress Management

Unordered list

  • Team Management
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Administration
  • Documentation

Ordered list

  1. Lecturing
  2. Research
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Student Counseling
  5. Career Counseling
  6. Statistical Analysis
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